Agence Mac Kinley : Témoignages


Un changement radical de lieu de vie ne s'effectue pas à la légère, nous avons eu la chance de rentrer en contact avec l'agence Mac Kinley qui a été a nos côtés tout au long du processus de recherche pour l 'acquisition d'une résidence principale à Nice.

Guidé et épaulé par Mr Brouwer a été une vraie bénédiction, par expérience nous pouvons affirmer que rares sont ceux avec une telle connaissance sur tous les différents aspects de chaque quartier jusqu'au niveau des rues voir des immeubles visités, nous avons pu ainsi éviter de faire les mauvais choix. Cette connaissance est d'une valeur inestimable.

Nous souhaitons souligner également la patience et l'écoute dont a su faire preuve Mr Brouwer avec des clients un peu difficiles comme nous sur nombre de critères.

Ses efforts pour nous permettre de rentrer dans notre enveloppe budgétaire ont également été particulièrement appréciés tout comme le suivi après vente sans faille et son aide pour aménager l'appartement d'un grand secours.

Un grand merci à vous nous ne pouvons que vivement recommander l'accompagnement de MacKinley dans vos futures démarches en vue d'une acquisition sur Nice

Très cordialement 

Pierre et Melinda

Nice, France

« Before discovering Mac-Kinley, my wife and I had sold a property in Nice and were looking to purchase again in the French Riviera. We had ideas of a second home in the outlying areas of Nice, where we thought our budget would go further. After exhaustively viewing lots of properties without success, Olivier helped us to determine what we really wanted: to be in central Nice with access to all things we love about the area.

Mac-Kinley spend a great deal of time with us viewing properties and investigating the market for our 'ideal' property. We finally found the property that met and exceeded our requirements, and it wasn't even on the market! The unplanned element for us was that it needed extensive refurbishment. However, Oliver came to the rescue and started things moving by sourcing and project managing the contractors and process for us.
We are so grateful for the time Olivier patiently spent with us and his sharing of his knowledge. We would recommend the services of Mac Kinley for anyone wanting to buy on the Riveria.
We are on our way! »

Terry & Julia

Wormley Herts, UK

“After having had lots of contacts with many agencies in the Nice area we would like to express our gratitude to Olivier Brouwer and his staff in helping us out in the best of ways to complete our purchase of our first flat in France. He did an excellent job and still helps us and advice us in different matters. We recommend his services to all clients looking for a place to stay/buy in the southern part of France.
Warm Regards “

Arthur Beijer & Agneta Olsson Beijer


« Mac-Kinley Real Estate has been excellent in their assistance during the whole process purchasing an apartment in Cannes. From the very begining until the transaction  was finalized, the personal follow up, the advices during the process and the overall assistance has been perfect. All very important for me as buyer coming from another country. I give the company my best recommondations. »

Odd & Margit


“Following some fantastic holiday's in Nice I decided to purchase an apartment in the centre which I intended primarily for use by myself and friends. I researched the process of purchasing in France and at first decided to use an English based company who (as I found out) merely pass on your details to a French Immobilier. I then went down the route of contacting a number of Immobiliers with my specification and target price range only to find that after a couple of trips they did not really take me to see apartments which were even close to my requirements. I came across Olivier Brouwer accidently and instantly I found someone who took an interest and did not merely treat you as another client whom a sale was the only priority. With Olivier I found someone who actually listened to what I wanted and he found me my dream apartment very quickly. The process did not stop at that stage as I purchased the property through a builder who was going to renovate the apartment on my behalf. Olivier took to project manage this work and importantly organised the legal issues required throughout the process making the whole experience painless. Even subsequent to purchase he has been very helpfull when I have had problems that my schoolboy French has been unable to resolve!! 

I would thoroughly recommend using MAC KINLEY REAL ESTATE for anybody wanting to purchase property in the South of France.”

Kenneth Fairbairn

Glasgow, UK

“Mac Kinley has been really helpful throughout the whole process of finding and moving into our flat in Nice. They arranged several viewings of properties that matched the original search criteria, and indeed as they evolved slightly. His local knowledge was of course invaluable and this made realistic comparisons more straightforward, for although we have spent time in Nice on many occasions there is still a huge gap between 'outsider' and 'insider' perceptions of a city. Similarly, although we all speak French (with varying degrees of fluency!), Olivier's excellent English made communication much easier, especially in the more specialised aspects of the purchase. Even here, however, the financial and legal arrangements went smoothly and all offices were in walkable distance from where we were staying.

Just as importantly, Olivier has continued to respond with his customary pleasantness and efficiency to requests made in relation to furniture deliveries and administrative issues, sometimes quite creatively! Nothing has seemed too much trouble and no problem has ever gone unsolved.”

Barbara and Pr Rod Wilson

Durham, UK

“I started to know Olivier when we decided to sell our apartment in rue Meyerbeer in Nice in the summer 2008. Olivier was immediately committed and worked hard to find a buyer. In just 3 month the effort was rewarded and the apartment was sold at the agreed price. Happy with the sales we asked Olivier to help us find a new apartment. With empathy and enthusiasm Olivier quickly found a selection of apartments that matched our wish list and within few months we again became the happy owners of a new beautiful apartment in central Nice. During and after the takeover we have immensely enjoyed the services and professional assistance we have received from MAC KINLEY team - we could never have wanted a better treatment.”

Birgitte Mogensen & Hans Svenningsen

Hellerup, Denmark

“Services which MAC KINLEY REAL ESTATE offers especially for the foreign customers are perfectly professional, friendly and unique. You can choose your intended property easily in a short time among their selections. The rendered services do not finish through signing the contract and you can solve all of the related subjects by use of their guidance.”

Dr A.Maleki

Teheran, IRAN

“Notre cible était claire, et en moins de deux mois, nous venons de finaliser l'achat d'un appartement à Nice, 2 pièces, art-déco, 56m², carré d'or proposé par l'agence MAC KINLEY. Nous avons pu aborder les différentes questions qui se posent lorsque l'on habite à 800 km de Nice avec notre notaire en Lorraine mais aussi le concours de l'agence MAC KINLEY et son représentant à Nice, Sonia Ambille, qui a toujours été présente avec professionnalisme, réactivité et bonne humeur que ce soit pour réaliser des photos, transmettre des dossier par mail, prendre des mesures, suivre le déménagement des meubles du vendeur ou nous informer sur l'avancement du dossier chez le notaire chargé de la vente à Nice. 

En conclusion une enseigne que nous vous recommandons !

Jean-Pierre et Françoise. 

Vecoux, FRANCE

We would like to thank you for all the work that you have put in to firstly choose an apartment in NICE. Initially by arranging our first visit at relatively short notice and suggesting a number of interesting properties. Once we had chosen an apartment, for all the positive replies to the questions raised in a timely fashion. Now, after completion of the purchase, your continued help to ensure a smooth transfer to us for all the utilities and services. As an English based purchaser, would would recommend you to any others prospective buyers for the excellent service you have provided to us.  

 Thank you again


Xxxxxx & xxxxxx

Gloucesterchire, UK

“Mon épouse et moi-même, tenons à vous remercier et remercier Mac Kinley pour votre gentillesse et votre support pour la réalisation de notre projet immobilier à Nice. Nous vous félicitons pour votre sérieux et votre professionnalisme. Chaque étape et chaque délai ont été minutieusement réalisés. Nous avons particulièrement apprécié l'attention et le secours spontanés que vous nous avez personnellement accordés pour notre installation à Nice.

Très cordialement, ”

François Mansour 

Seyssins, FRANCE