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The island of Cuba, the island of Huventud and other 1600 nearby islands and islets form the Cuban archipelago. It is located in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, and due to its geographical location it was called the Key to the New World and the Outpost of India.

The closest territories to Cuba are the island of Hispaniola, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located, 77 km to the east – Bahamas 140 km to the north-west – Jamaica – 146 km to the south – the United States lies 180 km to the north, and Mexico, 210 km to the west.

The total area of ​​the Cuban archipelago is 110`992 km2, of which almost 105`000 km2 are on the island of Cuba, the largest of the Greater Antilles.

In the territory of Cuba could fit three islands of Hispaniola, nine islands of Jamaica and twelve islands of Puerto Rico.

Cuba is a long and narrow island that is compared in form to a cayman. “A long green lizard with eyes made of water and stone,” said the poet Nicholas Guillen. The length of the island is 1`250 km, the width varies from 32 to 210 km. Its northernmost point is the island of Cruz del Padre, the southernmost cape of Punta del Ingles is the extreme point in the east of Cape Kemados, and the extreme point in the west of Cape San Antonio. On the shores of the island there are 290 natural beaches, which by their characteristics are completely safe for bathers.

The climate in Cuba is subtropical. The archipelago is washed by a warm Cuban countercurrent. Its thermal effect is reinforced by two other currents crossing the Caribbean Sea in the opposite direction.

Together they form the Gulf Stream “Big Blue River” – in the waters of which you can catch large marlin.

About 65 percent of the Cuban population is white, the rest are blacks and mulattoes — this is the result of historical immigration processes: the vast majority of immigrants were Spaniards.

It is believed that by the end of the XIX century, about a million Negro slaves were brought to Cuba from Africa. Also in the XIX century, about 150 thousand coolies arrived in the country practically on the position of slaves.

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