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Hello, we are flying to Cuba on October 26, mom and two children) Interested in: 1) the weather at this time-2) we fly on our own, the hotel we booked does not provide a transfer from Havana airport to Varadero, you have to take a taxi. Please tell me if there are problems with this type of transport and the approximate cost. I would like to calculate everything in advance))) Alejandra, many agencies offer this service – a group transfer from Havana airport to Varadero, costs about 20 euros. We must, however, bear in mind that they may be a bit late, and you have to wait. I have ordered these from you and you can book up to Kubatur 140 km before Varadero, the price for a taxi will be corresponding.

Weather is the hurricane season. I’m most interested to know if it’s scary or not.

I promise to unsubscribe in PM about the weather, you just have to wait for October.)) Sadness, of course, if there is a hurricane, especially with 2 children ((Thank you very much for the answer, I would like to plan the budget anyway)

We are also going now in October. All the rules will be, the Cubans say, October is the end of the wet season.

I was at this time last year – it rained in Varadero and in Havana, it was perfect in Holguin.

sad ((thanks for the answer!


Are there any problems with this type of transport and the approximate cost. I want to calculate everything in advance)))

no problem, 80-120 seuse how to bargain

Do not be discouraged in advance, the weather may change. Even in the rains in Havana it was nice.

Here is the reliable inf. monthly average hurricane statistics Instituto de Meteorologia de Cuba Junio-0.5Julio-0.7Agosto-2.1Septiembre-2.9Octubre-1.8Noviembre-0.4

thanks a lot! I will understand on the spot. Tickets are still bought))

1. Year to year is not necessary. Tickets purchased, hope for good weather! 2. Taxi 120-130 Cook Long flight and immediately 140 km to Varadero. But two children !! Another option for the same amount: Upon arrival, settle in Havana at the box office, 20-25 cookies taxi to the box office, 30-35 cookies per room and 20-25 cookies for dinner, there in the box office. At night, take a walk around Havana, and in the morning on the bus Viasul to Varadero, 10 cookies per person.

individual transfer (meeting at the airport) from Havana airport to Varadero, 80 KUK.

30-35 cookies per room

30 for a 4-bed room? Don’t tell my slippers)))