Tours to Cuba

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If you want to please yourself and people you love, then choose tours to Cuba. Here the sun reigns almost all year round, and tourists from all over the world come to relax on local beaches. The local population will welcome you with open arms, because tourism is one of the main sources of their income. All conditions will be created for you so that your vacation in Cuba is a success and will be remembered for you as one of the best in life. Choose tours to Cuba and enjoy an excellent vacation, in this wonderful country all the conditions for this are created. Holidays in Cuba are equally good for people of all ages, everyone will be a welcome guest in this sunny country.

If you choose tours to Cuba, then upon arrival to this country you will be pleasantly surprised by the natural diversity of local flora and fauna. About 8 thousand different plants grow in Cuba. One of the undoubted leaders is the royal palm tree, the image of which can be seen on the coat of arms of the republic. Traditionally, the national Cuban tree is jagrum, and the flower is mariposa. As for the fauna, there is one interesting peculiarity – in Cuba there are absolutely no toxic and dangerous animals. Among the exotic ones, it is possible to note mollusks of polymites, which have a bright color, as well as the smallest bird on the planet sunsunsito. By the way, a vacation in Cuba will allow you to admire the birds, which are abundant in the local forests. In particular, on the islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo you will get acquainted with pink flamingos, and in the sea you will find up to 900 species of various fish.

Cuba is an archipelago near the Caribbean Sea and includes about 1600 islands of various sizes. The island of Cuba itself is considered one of the largest among them. If you decide to book tours to Cuba, then you should definitely visit the capital of this country – Havana, which is world famous for its cigars, as well as festivals and carnivals held here. Choosing a vacation in Cuba, you will undoubtedly receive a lot of positive emotions, the cordiality and hospitality of the inhabitants of this country will never let you get bored.