12 benefits of a holiday in Cuba

Cuba is a vibrant tropical island that is often called the “island of freedom.” Cuba is known for its unique atmosphere and an abundance of picturesque beaches. The Russians buy tourist trips here to spend time on a beach holiday, engage in water sports and get acquainted with the rich history of the island.

Cuba Resorts

Beach The most famous in the world was the Cuban resort of Varadero. Many tourists also prefer to book tours and relax on the quiet islands of Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.


Cuba is a country with a tropical trade wind climate. The best time to buy a tour and visit the island is November-April.

Things to do?

Beach vacation. Cuba is, first of all, a luxurious vacation on the white beaches. All beaches of the island belong to the state, admission to them is free. The beaches of the popular Cuban resort of Varadero, which is located on the Caribbean coast, are considered one of the best in the world. Lovers of club-style relaxation buy tours to this resort – fiery Cuban rhythms sound all day and night, and vacationers have fun from the heart.

Leisure. In Cuba, if you wish, you can do any water sport, starting with diving and ending with water skiing. Divers all over the world gather in the resort of Varadero, where there are about twenty diving centers. Good conditions for diving are available in Santiago de Cuba – here tourists are invited to see the sunken ships. Guests at Holguin Resort spend time surfing and windsurfing. In addition to water activities, golf and ecotourism are popular in Cuba.

Family tours Exotic Cuba is able to give an unforgettable vacation to tourists with children. A relaxed atmosphere and amazing beaches await family tourists on the quiet island of Cayo Guillermo.

Sights. Speleology enthusiasts can buy a ticket and visit the Cuban caves of Belyamar – in them you can see samples of ancient cave paintings. The leader in the number of architectural monuments is the capital of Cuba, Havana.