But not hotels determine relaxation

The beginning of autumn in Cuba does not portend a significant decrease in air temperature: in cities and resorts off the Atlantic coast, in the afternoon the thermometer rises to + 30 ° C, and in the Caribbean it is even hotter – on average + 32 ° C. At night, the air temperature is kept within + 22 ° C … + 24 ° C, however, high humidity (78%) does not allow you to fully feel the coolness.

In September, the low season in Cuba is still ongoing: it rains frequently, about 10 days a month, and in addition, the possibility of hurricanes increases. Most often, they affect the Caribbean and the west of the country. Statistics from meteorological services indicate that the Pinar del Rio region suffers from hurricanes more often than others, therefore, tourists planning a vacation in Cuba in September are advised to choose the northern coast of the island for relaxation. But no matter what region you are resting in, you should never neglect warnings about an impending storm or storm – being on the coast at this time is extremely dangerous.

The history of meteorological observations of the region indicates that the risk of hurricanes in the beginning of autumn is quite high, but this natural disaster can happen in any other month of the year (the least risk is in winter). In any case, it will not be out of place to know that when hurricanes approach, tourists can be evacuated to the basements of hotels, some flights can be canceled, etc. Experienced travelers are also advised not to become attached to any particular hotel in Cuba, so that there is always the opportunity to move to another region in case of bad weather.

In the resorts of the Atlantic Ocean, strong winds are possible in early autumn, but this does not mean that the beach season in Cuba completely freezes. In sunny, calm weather, tourists are happy to sunbathe and swim, especially since the water temperature near the coast is very comfortable even for long swims: + 26 ° C … + 28 ° C. You should not forget about sunscreens even while in the water, because under the bright Cuban sun you can easily get sunburns.