Rest in Cuba: photo, description

I will share my general impressions from a recent trip to Cuba. This publication is mainly about my sensations and aftertaste. What surprised me seemed unusual, or vice versa, coincided with expectations. A total of as many as 30 points.

30 photos

1. The first week in Cuba was accompanied by ever-growing perplexity. Everyone, absolutely everyone who had at least some idea of ​​the island or had already visited it, constantly insisted that every Cuban we met would constantly try to divorce us. The reality turned out to be more like a bearded joke: “In childhood I was told that on the street they would offer me drugs, sex and alcohol … Where are all these people ?!” By the way, if someone is interested in the answer, I have it – all these people are in Havana. And taking into account the fact that we left Havana for the last days, local gineteros could not spoil our already existing impressions of the country.

2. The sky! Sky! Sky! Sky! Sky! You can enjoy the Cuban sky forever. It is always beautiful and every time – in its own way. One of the smartest steps on my part in terms of preparing for the trip is to buy a polarizing filter.

3. Walking around the city, be sure to look under your feet. In Camaguey I was intercepted a couple of times literally a second before falling into some open hatch. And in the same Havana – the streets are full of dogs and they spoil anywhere.

4. In the reports that I read before the trip, many photographers complained that it was impossible to shoot people on the streets – they say that involuntary models immediately notice this fact and start demanding money. Let’s just say: all this is nonsense and nonsense. Ordinary people – take off as much as you want, absolutely calmly everyone refers to this. When you ask whether it is possible to capture them, no one refuses. Over the entire trip, just a couple of people made it clear that they did not want to get into the frame. Some ask them to photograph themselves.

Here, however, is a catch. If this proposal came in the streets of Havana – they will really ask for money. All these wonderful old women with cigars, without which not a single photo report from Havana is complete, are junkies and thus earn. And even without them, any body that shows fingers “click-to-click” on the street does this solely out of commercial interest. They just passed by. In any other city, everything is from a pure heart.