Cuban cuisine

The national cuisine of Cuba was formed under the influence of Spanish, Creole, Chinese and African cuisines. In this sunny and cheerful country, the most fiery dances, sincere songs, excellent rum, high-quality fragrant cigars … And, of course, such a carefree and joyful life does not do without delicious food. Perhaps the cuisine of Cuba is not as sophisticated and refined as Italian or French, but here you will find your own unique dishes that tourists should enjoy in this hospitable country. The main tenets of all Cuban dishes are simple, tasty, fast and nutritious. It is worth noting that if you want to taste the real national cuisine, then do not go to local restaurants, which are run by organizations such as “Catering.” Best of all, look for the small CafĂ© Paladares, or Casa, a kind of guesthouse. And now we will pass directly to the names of those dishes for which the cuisine of Liberty Island is famous.

The list of Cuban dishes is truly vast. To try all the dishes, you have to arrange a separate gastronomic tour. But, I will try to highlight the most interesting and delicious from this variety.

“Ahiako criollo” – a thick Cuban soup, with meat, corn, yucca, lemon, bananas, pumpkin and sauce. It is considered the hallmark of local cuisine. “La Caldosa” – a thick soup of chicken, potatoes, oregano, ham and spices. Served in clay pots. “Congri” – an unusual dish of colored beans and rice. “Piccadillo a la Abanera” – a complex dish with Havanese minced meat and tomato sauce. “Bakalao a la viscina” – Cuban cod. ” arroz con polo “- tender chicken meat stewed with rice.” picadillo “- roast beef, with tomatoes, pepper, rice and black beans.

I bring to your attention some more unusual dishes of this beautiful cuisine:

“Santyager” – pickled pork leg, baked in the oven, with spicy sauce. “Adjaco” – meat stew, with vegetables and sauce. “Moors and Christians” – an original dish of black beans and rice. “Chicharrones al-simaron” – fried in boiling oil, thin slices of bacon. “bonyato” – fried sweet potatoes, with a golden crust. “medallion-mango” – pork stewed with mango, spices and wine. After cooking, sprinkle with mint, onion and slices of fresh mango. “Old Havana” – a combination of seafood (lobster, oysters, mussels) … “toast” – fried bananas.

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