Honeymoon trip to

Someone believes that it is in this poor socialist country that the secret of unconditional happiness should be sought. And this is almost true: Cubans live and rejoice “here and now” in any conditions, they are natural and able to always remain themselves. Ride and be convinced that the Cubans completely lack false embarrassment: how they stare from passers-by from balconies and circle in religious ecstasy, how they dance salsa and do not hesitate to express their feelings about the Americans!

kubatyan Cuba is very disliked by the United States and this dislike is mutual. Although if you take the Cuban flag, change the color of the stripes from blue to red, and the triangle – on the contrary – from red to blue, you would get a one-star flag of a breakaway American state. Oddly enough, these countries have a lot in common, and the Cubans from Miami would not mind including the rebellious island in the United States. And they even came up with an ideological diversion called Cuba Libre (free Cuba) – rum cut in half with Coca-Cola. “

The recipe for the “right trip” in Cuba does not exist. You can spend a whole week in Havana – vicious, filled with taverns and colonial mansions of the Cuban capital. The Spaniards built up this city with rich palaces, erected defensive fortresses for defense against pirates. And the Americans in the first half of the XX century built a whole network of luxury hotels, casinos and nightclubs, turning Havana into a kind of “Chicago Antilles”.

Someone goes directly to the beaches of the best Cuban resort of Varadero with a wide strip of pure white sand, leaving in the same clean and warm water. Or he is heading for the picturesque Playa Esmeralda and Santa Lucia, as well as numerous islands like Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo and Cayo Guillermo.

Adventure seekers rent a car on Liberty Island (for information on how to do this, read the reference country) and travel all over Cuba, exploring unique natural parks, wild beaches and pretty colonial towns. For example, Cienfuegos, who knew pirates Henry Morgan and Francis Drake and became rich in the 19th century thanks to French migrants, the homeland of all Cuban music – from sleep to salsa – the extravagant Santiago de Cuba, packed with bars and restaurants, the vibrant and bourgeois Camaguey famous for its bridges and Santa Clara, where in 1959 the legendary Che defeated the dictatorship.

mff almost all cities in Cuba are perpendicular to each other. For convenience, one direction of the “lattice” is called streets, and perpendicular – avenue (and this is not related to the width of the roads). The houses have numbers, but it’s inconvenient to search for a place, so the address is written like this: calle 84 # 111 entre 37 y 39 (“84th street, house 111, between streets 37 and 39”) »What else to read? Filter for the pond buy, garden surface pump, plastic pond