Holidays in Indonesia in February

Monthly water temperature


• This weather map is fully interactive. You can switch months, as well as zoom and move the visible area of ​​the map to see other resorts.

• The map displays the monthly averages of daily air temperature or sea water temperature.

In many popular resorts in the world, February is not considered the best month to relax due to either winds, sometimes rains or for some other reasons. A completely different weather in February in Cuba. Liberty Island is beautiful in the last month of winter as the beautiful Crimean summer in September in the warm years.

The main city of the country – Havana welcomes tourists with warm and sunny days. The amount of precipitation is 69 mm. This amount of moisture is usually poured by one or two bright and plentiful showers. All the rest of the rainfall does not bother vacationers and does not even remind themselves of the slightest cloudiness. The dry season is in full swing. Daytime temperatures are about + 26 … + 27 degrees Celsius. A bit cooler at night. The temperature ranges from + 16 … + 19. Therefore, sometimes it may be necessary for later walks, for example, to a disco, a light jacket or a cape. Humidity, despite the small amount of precipitation, is quite high – 73%. However, tropical stuffiness is not inherent in Havana and Cuba as a whole. She will be driven away by the constant sea breeze. The water temperature off the coast of Cuba rises by one point compared with January, and is +25 degrees.