flights to Cuba charter
So, the savings for passengers already begin with the choice of flight: in the first place is time, and in second – the cost. And here it is, just, less than three times less! Compare the prices that are on our website with the prices of any agent. In particular, in 2011, charter flights to Cuba cost less than 33,000 rubles, and this does not include additional discounts or special offers. But a regular flight, as we showed above, costs more than one hundred thousand rubles, that is, three times the living savings – is this not the best indicator of a good choice?

But, we believe that in addition to the cost and time of flight, there is another important factor – this is the airline. It is unlikely that anyone will have the desire to fly on such a long route, across the Atlantic Ocean with a carrier, a name that you do not know. But in this case, the situation for passengers is very positive. Regular flights are carried out only by well-established players on the market. Their list is very wide: Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Transaero (ceased flights since October 2015), Air Berlin, etc. So that flights to Cuba can be bought without fear for the carrier.

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