A meeting of the Council of Artists-Delights of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

The artist is Pasternak

Depicted: Kasatkin Nikolai Alekseevich (1859–1930), Arkhipov Abram Efimovich (1862–1930), author, Ivanov Sergey Vasilievich (1864–1910), Korovin Konstantin Alekseevich (1861–1939), Serov Valentin Aleksandrovich (1865–1911), Vasnetsov. Apollinariri Mikhailovich (1856–1933).

The picture, characterized by the amazing fidelity of portrait characteristics, reflects the moment from the daily life of the school. The artist focused on four first -plan characters. Left in the profile depicted with. AT. Ivanov. A stooped figure that has come sideways to the table, sharp features of a thin face, sullen sharp look, woeful-thoughtful and at the same time decisive, indicate fatigue, nervous tension, moral dissatisfaction.

The complete opposite is a sitting opposite him to. AND. Korovin. Lighting back on the back of the chair, opening a frock coat, beautiful, fulfilled by dignity, he calmly smokes.

On the right at the edge of the table stands out a stocky, with a large head figure in. AND. Serova. Sitting comfortably and thoroughly, the artist draws something, devoted entirely to his occupation. His face is striking in concentration, calm wisdom. Next to the heavy gray, especially youthful appears to be the very edge of the table and. M. Vasnetsov, whose mobile face is full of interest.

In the background, on the left, those who have turned to each other are depicted and something discussing something. E. Arkhipov and n. AND. Kasatkin and the author of the canvas carefully bowed to them. The dynamism and vital conviction of the stage are due to both the diversity, character of poses, gestures, expressions of the faces of its participants, and the diagonal construction and fragmentation of the composition. (AND. P.)

Option-replacement (1906)-GTG.

Russian portrait. XX century. SPb. 2001. With. 71.

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