Havana Market

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Havanese cigars, Cuban rum, products of local residents (straw hats, hammocks, masks and more). Buy a traditional Cuban shirt on the run – Guyabera. It is suitable for any occasion, elegant, it is never hot in it, and everywhere you will be mistaken for its own. Get audio CDs from your local music group. The temperament is such that it’s just breathtaking. You will not regret! Having listened once, you will listen to this music for the rest of your days. Do not forget about T-shirts with the face of the immortal commandant Che.

All establishments and shops in Cuba have a four-hour break in the middle of the day (traditional for Latin American and Mediterranean countries “siesta”). However, in the resort areas “siesta”, for obvious reasons, is significantly reduced. In Cuba, there are stores only for the local population, where the sale of goods is carried out on cards, for Cuban pesos. At the same time, there are other stores that trade only for currency, which are located in Havana and tourist centers. These stores are mainly located either in spa centers or in Havana.

The price level of basic necessities and products in Cuba is quite low. Non-essential goods are very expensive. There is a certain shortage of film and a number of imported goods that are imported mainly from Mexico. Quality rum in Cuba will cost $ 7-8 per bottle, beer in a restaurant $ 1-1.5.

Cuban rum The most popular alcoholic beverage in Cuba is rum. The most popular brand known all over the world is Havana Club rum. There are three varieties of this rum: “Carta Oro” (gold), “Carta Blanca” (white) and “Anejo” (old), which differ in aging and, accordingly, in price. Cubans themselves prefer Anejo ($ 8-9 per bottle).