souvenirs from Cuba

Freedom-loving Cuba is so impressive for travelers that everyone wants to bring along a piece of this magical island.

Even those who were not in Cuba immediately recall the “main” Cuban values ​​- rum and cigars. Cuba is really famous for producing these joys of life, but there are things that are more entertaining.

We will try to make a list of the “most Cuban” souvenirs, decide on gifts for relatives and friends, look at luxury goods and try to drag a machete across the border.

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Fly to Cuba – what can I bring back?

We’ll immediately warn the gullible traveler: you can’t buy souvenirs in Cuba everywhere. The reason lies in local laws: the goods you purchase must be accompanied by an export license. If it is not there, money is wasted.

Shopping is best done in licensed stores, which are usually attached to hotels. It is also worth trusting large shopping centers.

Now about the payment methods.

In Cuba, there are two monetary units – the peso and the dollar.

Usually in large stores “green friends” of strangers are used, and in markets and in small souvenir shops – pesos.

If the dollar sign is in front of the product on the price tag, this does not mean that the price is correct. Always check with the sellers the currency in which you have to pay.

Do not forget to bargain – here it is accepted.

Top 5 Best Cuban Souvenirs

We brought Cuban cigars and coffee to a special section, so now we will concentrate on objects that are not inferior to them in their “sign”.