One of the largest islands on the planet is Cuba, a shape resembling a crocodile and comfortably nestled in the western Caribbean. On an island with a tropical climate, it is best to relax from October to April: this period has a dry season. To get acquainted with the traditions of this amazing country, it is best to rent a villa in Cuba. Renting a cottage will allow you to get to know the inhabitants of the island, their hospitality and national characteristics.

Villas of Cuba attract with its scope, beauty and originality. If you are interested in renting a villa, you can choose the suitable option on, and by filling out the form, book a house in a matter of minutes.

In Cuba, you can not only enjoy the turquoise sea and relax from bustling cities, but also visit the exotic city of Holguin, in the famous capital of the state – Havana with its ancient buildings (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Santa Clara Monastery, Palace of Fine Arts).

Rent a house or cottage in Cuba for a fun company or a family with children

Advance booking of the villa will allow you to safely go on a trip without worrying about the settlement. For a family with children, an excellent option would be to rent a house with a large territory where kids can frolic and enjoy freedom. Renting a house in Cuba is completely independent of schedules and modes, and moreover, such housing will cost quite inexpensively.