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October is the last month of the tropical season in Cuba, but the resorts still have hot and rainy weather. During the day, the air temperature in Havana and Varadero reaches + 28 ° C … + 30 ° C, and in the Caribbean resorts during the daytime it is even hotter: + 32 ° C. In October, those who are mostly interested in the beach season in Cuba have a rest here, but sightseeing trips should still be postponed until the beginning of winter, when the heat and humidity decrease slightly.

In the autumn months, tourists are advised to protect their skin from the bright midday sun and, if possible, come to the beach before 11 in the morning or in the afternoon. Particular attention should also be paid to choosing a hotel: even in modest hotels, the cost of rest in Cuba is small, but there is no guarantee that the selected room will have air conditioning, and after the next rainfall there will be no problems with the wiring.

In October, the fishing season in Cuba is in full swing: local fishermen, along with tourists, go out to sea to hunt for blue marlin, which Ernest Hemingway glorified in his book. Before you go fishing, diving, windsurfing and other water sports, it is not superfluous to check the weather forecast. In October, tornadoes can occur in Cuba, and less commonly, hurricanes. Most often, they offend the Caribbean island resort of Cayo Largo.

Although the low season in Cuba ends in October, some hotels, restaurants and other establishments may still be closed, especially in small resorts. However, in spite of the fact that there are not so many classical entertainments for tourists, this is completely compensated by the surrounding exotic and amazing nature.

Weather in Havana in October

In October, the air temperature in Havana begins to drop slightly: + 28 ° C is recorded here during the day, and + 22 ° C in the evening. Water in the Atlantic Ocean also gradually cools down to + 28 ° C, but this is almost not felt. In total, there are 6 rainy days in the capital, which bring 90 mm of rain. In mid-October, the excursion business in the capital begins to come to life a little, as the summer heat and stuffiness are less felt and the weather allows you to walk along the streets of the city longer.