The artist is Makovsky

This large multi -figure canvas belongs to the so -called boyar cycle, in which Konstantin Makovsky resurrects the boyar Rus’ of the XVII century, drawing the main attention to the ritual side of the life of that time. The picture is plotly connected with the novel by Alexei Tolstoy “Prince Silver”. The artist was attracted by the scene of the jealousy of the old boyar, who vigilantly monitors the rite of treating the young guest in anticipation-whether the young beauty will give out a wife somehow, to whom she recently at the hedge, admitted to love, said: “I love you more than life, more than the sun of red “”. The plot was the reason for the demonstration of the artist’s virtuoso skill in transmitting the texture and color of objects of wealth and beauty of ancient Russian life. The canvas was first exhibited at the All -Russian Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod in 1896, and then in 1897 in St. Petersburg at the artist’s personal exhibition, after which it entered the Russian Museum.
Kiss rite – an old Russian rite of guest celebrations. The most colorfully described Baron Mayerberg, who visited Moscow in 1661. At the end of dinner, when the guests already ate, the husband called his wife or daughter. She came accompanied by several more women and brought wine, moreover, she sawed out the first sip herself. And if there were several high guests, then everyone brought a new cup with a drink and only in new clothes. After treating all the important guests, the woman became against the wall and, with a gaze gaze, expected response kisses from them.

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