What is exactly more beautiful in Cuba

Quite serious keratitis began in my left eye. This was the result of unsanitary conditions in the hostel and a number of untreated conjunctivitis. I was prescribed a complex treatment, but after a month the eye drops did not lead to any improvement. My eyes burned when I looked at the white walls or at the reflection of sunlight. I could not make out what was written on the food cards, and it was impossible to look at my own nails. Janet, whose bunk was opposite mine, explained the reason. “Homatropin is stolen from you, and another liquid is poured into the vial,” she told me in a whisper in the shower room. Then I began to monitor my locker every night and found out that some inmates of the hostel mixed my medicine with water, and mine was taken orally. No wonder my cornea did not heal.

Blue elephants, plasticine roads, arms stretching to the horizon. To disappear, fly away, jump into the window without causing any harm to yourself … right into the abyss. It was these feelings that many teenage girls who were divorced from their parents wanted to experience. And the ethical standards that teachers taught us were clearly inadequate. Sometimes at night the boys made some kind of flower potion. Drugs are poor, they said. When I graduated from the tenth grade, snuffing powders and “weed” in small bags began to come to our college. All this was brought mainly by students who lived in the poorest neighborhood of El Romerillo. Stupid chuckles in the classrooms, absent looks that go away on the other side of the blackboard and a heightened sex drive – these are the results that all these “stimulators of new sensations” led to. If you take drugs regularly, you don’t feel hunger anymore, some friends who already got hooked assured me. Fortunately, I did not succumb to this temptation.