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When you hear the word “Cuba”, cigars, rum and the beloved cinema mafia pop up in our imagination. At one time, the famous guy Alfonso Gabriel Capone often visited Varadero Beach. A trip to Cuba will always play in contrast to a trip to Turkey or travel to Egypt. Cuba is a country of enthusiasm, a country of legends, secrets and adventures. Prices for tours to Cuba vary, and a trip to Cuba is more likely to cost more than a trip to Turkey.

Due to the fact that we all came out of the “doors” of the USSR, we still love us in Cuba, still drive our cars, and sometimes “only for us” we offer discounts on cigars, however, they can lie that they do .For those who love rum and in particular mojito, we suggest you visit the Havana institution La Bodeguita del Medio, the best mojito you will not try anywhere else and never. If you are interested in unusual purchases abroad, then from the coast of Cuba you can bring home products from black coral, products from tortoise shell, bongo, guayabera (this is such a shirt in which officials go in the tropics) and a whole heap of what is connected with the Cuban revolution: T-shirts with a portrait of Che, berets, photos and mood! Do not forget that in the middle of the day almost all stores will be closed for siesta.

The largest resort in Cuba is Varadero. It is 2, 5 – 3 hours drive from Havana. Varadero is the best option for a holiday in Cuba. Havana is the country’s largest tourist center. Small islands lie along the northern Cuban coast: Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo – two of them. They are famous for their paradise beaches, unusual nature and solitude. A highway is connected to the mainland. In the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea is the island of Cayo Largo. This amazing place is perfect for diving. Cuba is also suitable for families with children, because the sea here is very warm and allows children to splash in the water forever. Like in Egypt, there are many colorful fish at the water’s edge, which will definitely bring pleasure to your child. It will be interesting for children to delve into the white sand of Cuban beaches. Before the trip, take a look at reviews about hotels and the presence of children’s infrastructure in them – animators, a children’s menu in a restaurant, children’s pools, etc. Almost all hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis, guaranteeing guests free drinks, gourmet dishes, fruits and alcohol.

Due to the expensive flight, the prices for holidays in Cuba are often high, but this does not cancel the opportunity to buy inexpensive last-minute tours.

To select the best-priced or last-minute tours to Cuba from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and other cities, we recommend using our search, indicating specific selection criteria. The database contains the most current prices for tours. Price data is “loaded” directly from the database of tour operators. When choosing a tour to Cuba in 2016, it is enough to determine the hotel category, type of food, method of accommodation and date of departure, then contact the representatives of our company and fill out the appropriate application.