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We rested in Cuba from March 21 to April 1. The trip was unforgettable! Wonderful weather. Air temperature during the day 25-27, at night 16-18. Rain in the afternoon was only once, probably about 15 minutes, you can call it: a warm, pleasant moment! Lived on Varadero in BelleVue Palma Real 4 *. The hotel is modest but cheerful. All that is needed for happiness and for complete comfort, all this is. One of the advantages of this hotel is its location in the very center of Varadero. Beach across the road. Kayaks, catamarans and all that without a motor – for free. Better than the beach, we have not seen. Shops, cafes, clubs, everything is within walking distance. We really liked the park, which is located behind the Beatles cafe. A huge landscaped area with a pond, bridges, restaurants, carousels. Entrance to the park is free. Repeatedly rode a tour double-decker bus “Varadero tur” for 5 cookies per person. We watched everything Varadero.

The resort is very convenient and cheap to travel in carts and retro cars (1 cookie -1km). We rented cars for 135 cookies. Drawn up under ordinary Russian rights, international rights were not needed. The deposit amounted to 150 cookies. Rental is located on site. Traveled to Havana. Used a map and a guide. Havana is something! To see and feel the color, history, people, you must visit this city. I was struck and surprised by the architecture! Dilapidated magnificent palaces without windows and doors in which people live. I liked the old city. The streets and alleys of Havana, where you can see the life of the natives, will be remembered for a long time. Cubans are a wonderful, open, friendly people who have a friendly attitude towards Russians. We were repeatedly asked how is life in Russia? Another story is retro cars, this is a must see! In a word, COOL !!!

I also remembered the trip to about. Cayo Largo. Very beautiful landscapes! But very boring and unjustifiably expensive. We liked Varadero more. The ocean is cooler, and the atmosphere is much better. From souvenirs brought rum, cigars, shoes made of Brazilian leather (handmade). I recommend: rum and cigars to buy in Duty Free. Firstly, so as not to waste time searching for the best, and secondly, so as not to drag heaviness to the airport, and the price in Duty Free is the best. In general, the trip to Cuba was a success. This is an amazing country where you want to come again!