Map of Cuba with a car and train

Cuba. An island nation in the Caribbean. During the Cold War, the word Cuba was read as an abbreviation – Communists Off the Coast of America. For this small state played a role in the great cold war.

Cuba is basically rovings, but there are mountains, such as the Sierra Maestra massif, it stretches along the coast for 250 kilometers, the highest point here is Turkino Peak – 1972 meters.

Satellite map of Cuba

Map of Cuba in Russian

In Cuba there are many interesting caves, small and very large, for lovers of this kind of travel, Cuba will be a discovery, since karst is quite developed there. For those who are interested in a more traditional holiday – there are sandy beaches stretching for many kilometers. One of the main resorts in this regard is the resort of Varadero, on the Ikakos Peninsula. The climate of Cuba is mostly tropical, trade wind, it is very warm all year round and even in winter the thermometer rarely drops below 22 degrees Celsius.

As for culture or architecture, there is nothing to boast about on this island. There is dancing, music, but, again, a small-town spill. Here the spirit of adventure rather beckons, to explore the island, penetrate the deepest cave and climb to the highest peak, take a bird’s eye view of this wonderful island – this is the dream of the boys playing robbers on the streets of such boring and gray cities.

However, people here receive education, study, and research. There are 170 research institutes. Because living here is hard and difficult, so the government invests in personnel, in people’s health, and in healthcare.

The island is slowly but surely developing. The old wise Fidel conquered this place and yet turned it into a decent home for many, many citizens of Cuba. Let it be without imperial manners or historical monuments, sights of a world level …. but with a good education, medicine and prospects. These are hardworking and diligent people, some of them are beaten out in the first place in their profession. Here you can only rejoice.


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