Wood products of Siberian larch are ideally suited for both internal and external decoration of country houses, cottages and baths, so recently they have become increasingly popular. If you decide to purchase these products, you will probably be interested in the cost and weight of the larch cube. The fact is that in many respects the quality and terms of repair depend on how correctly you made his plan and calculated the budget. That is why you should worry in advance about making all the calculations.

How much does a cubic meter of larch weigh?

To determine how much 1 cube of larch weighs, you need to know the coefficients of such an important characteristic of its wood as moisture. The fact is that depending on the species and humidity, the wood can have different weights. Moreover, even wood of the same species, depending on moisture and dryness, has a different weight. Namely, the weight of a cube of dry larch, the moisture content of which does not exceed 10-18%, is about 600 kilograms. Air-dry wood with a moisture index of 18 to 23% can weigh 50 kilograms more.

The weight of raw wood, whose moisture content is 23-45%, has a weight of 700 kilograms. In turn, if the larch is wet and its humidity exceeds 45%, its weight reaches 900 kilograms. As you can see, the moisture content indicator of wood should be taken into account during its purchase, since the cost of larch per cubic meter may depend on it.

How much does a larch cube cost?

If you are interested in how much a larch cube costs, you should definitely consider several important pricing criteria. Namely, the price per cube of timber, lining, planken, planks and other larch products largely depends on the region where the tree grows, the quality of processing of finished products, as well as its weight.