Monthly water temperature


• This weather map is fully interactive. You can switch months, as well as zoom and move the visible area of ​​the map to see other resorts.

• The map displays the monthly averages of daily air temperature or sea water temperature.

June in Cuba is the brightest of the months of the rainy season. Tropical rains cover the whole country. The number of sunny days for the whole month is no more than 6-8. Daytime temperatures everywhere approach a maximum and do not fall below + 30 … + 31 degrees, despite the frequent downpours. Tropical rains are quick, they do not last longer than thirty minutes, but are very, very plentiful. Half an hour it pours from a bucket, thunderstorms with thunder are frequent, lightning and hail are less often observed. Neither an umbrella nor the most reliable raincoat can save from such a downpour. Therefore, in anticipation of its onset, it is best to take refuge somewhere in a safe place, such as a hotel or a restaurant. The total number of rainy days in the first summer month in Cuba is about ten. At night, the weather in June is already very warm, because the air warms up to + 22 … + 24 degrees Celsius and you will not freeze even in an ordinary summer T-shirt and shorts. The water temperature in the ocean off any of the Cuban coasts is simply perfect – +27, so if you tolerate the moist heat well, the beginning of summer may not seem like such a bad season for you to relax here.

The weather in June in Havana is similar to the general Cuban trends. Heated during the day to + 30 … + 31 the air cools at night to + 21 … + 22 degrees. The water temperature in the ocean remains May – +27, the waves of the ocean beckon to plunge and swim for a long, long time without the slightest danger of hypothermia.