Hot Cuba Tours From Moscow

It seems that time froze here in its most wonderful moment – sleepy waves rush onto sandy white beaches, the rhythms of Cuban music come from a coastal restaurant. In the air there is a scent of ginger lilies, and somewhere in the dense thicket there is a cry of parrots.

A tour to Cuba is a fascinating adventure in the Land of Freedom, surprising with its many faces, frankness and originality. The country captivates with its natural beauty, unique climate and unlimited opportunities for recreation and leisure. Thousands of tourists managed to appreciate the richness and exoticism of this fertile land. Over 200 beautiful beaches, first-class hotels, various excursions and the magnificent nature of tropical forests attract travelers from all over the world, allowing them to forget about the worries and worries of gray everyday life.

Tours to Cuba are chosen by lovers of a carefree beach holiday, sport fishing, diving and windsurfing. The coastline is mesmerizing with its natural beauty, and the water is so clear that the seabed is visible. Being the largest eco-tourism center in the world, the island offers fascinating excursions to ancient monuments of architecture and history, as well as nature reserves. Wherever you go, everywhere you will meet friendly and hospitable Cubans who know how to enjoy life and are ready to share positive emotions with everyone who meets in their way.

Seasonality and Climate. When is it better to go on vacation to Cuba?

Thanks to the mild and even climate, you can relax in Cuba all year round. However, due to the diversity of the relief and the influence of the Atlantic and the Caribbean, the seasonal relaxation of the island is clearly observed. From June to August there is hot and humid weather, which not every tourist will like. But a continuous series of summer carnivals and festivals attracts those who wish to have fun on holidays in Cuba. Until October, the rainy season lasts, characterized by gusty winds and strong storms. This is the perfect time for windsurfers who want to conquer high waves.