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Cuba Often called the “pearl of the Caribbean.” It is worth recognizing that the title is well deserved. Cuba is not only the largest jewelry in the necklace of the Caribbean islands, but also, perhaps, the most striking and interesting. For centuries, this island with its cozy harbors and advantageous geographical position has been the main crossroads from the Old to the New World. In this “boiling cauldron” mixed different nations, cultures, mentality. Each of the nations that arrived in Cuba contributed to its lifestyle, taught the inhabitants of the island to live in peace with representatives of other peoples, respect their customs and traditions, and gradually adopt the best from a foreign culture. That is why, thanks to the “explosive mixture” from the Indian, incendiary African and deeply noble Spanish blood and traditions, an absolutely unique, original, not similar to any other culture has appeared.

In each province, the process of the “chemical reaction” of mixing one people with another took place in its own way. Until now, Cuban cities, so unlike each other, keep in their architectural appearance the memory of those peoples who most actively mastered the area of ​​their location. The folklore prevailing in different parts of the country is also interesting. Traveling in modern Cuba is like a kaleidoscope consisting of a wide variety of impressions, colors, aromas and sounds. As a true Cuban tour operator, we love and know Cuba. Our mission is to show tourists the real Cuba in all the diversity of its beauty. We are actively promoting sightseeing tours to Cuba on the Russian market, because it is they that will allow island guests to find out as much information as possible about Cuba in the shortest possible time.

Sightseeing tours in Cuba offered by our company are designed for a variety of categories of tourists: they vary in duration, richness and theme of the excursion program. During a week of traveling on a guided tour, a tourist can see completely different sights of the country: from colonial cities to monuments of the Cuban Revolution, from gorgeous beaches on small islands to the mountains of the majestic Sierra Maestra mountain range.