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Skull wrote: To whom does the bride of a mare © With damage and “green dots” – is this “excellent quality”?

Mold is a fungal microorganism that develops at elevated temperature and humidity. A thin layer of mold covers the cigars and spoils them. If a bluish or greenish coating is found on cigars, one should seriously worry and check the entire contents of the humidor. You cannot smoke mold-covered cigars, firstly you will breathe in mold spores (which are strong allergens and can cause asthma attacks), and secondly, mold gives a sour taste and an unpleasant odor, smoking will turn into a torment. So moldy cigars should be thrown right away.

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I explain, for the “experts.” Green spots on the cover sheet of a nirazu cigar are not mold. This is some kind of pigmentation of the sheet itself. The presence of one or two of these spots is not at all the reason for rejecting cigars. And this has nothing to do with mold. Tomorrow or tonight I will show photos of these speckled cigars. And most likely I will find cigars with green pigment spots and among those that I bought in Casa de Tabacos. Or maybe I can’t find it – there are few of them left. So that out of 25 cigars 4-5 have minor damage to the cover sheet (and the end part) or one or two green spots on the cover sheet is quite acceptable for me, if you take into account the price at which I bought cigar data. It is these parameters that mean that these cigars from rejected lots (in appearance, due to mismatch of the color of the cover sheet, etc.) In many countries, such cigars (not Cuban) are sold at auctions and sales and are in great demand, in the power of a lower price. Cuba officially does not sell factory rejects. It is believed that all these cigars are destroyed. I didn’t say about the “excellent quality” of the appearance, but 90% of the cigars are “very good”, the remaining 10% are just “good” in appearance. And consumer properties are excellent.

So, I found on the net photos of cigars with such spots and a description of their “appearance”.

============= There can be several types of spots on the cover sheet, and the influence of one type or another on the quality of tasting can be different. Green spots are the preserved elements of chlorophyll, not eliminated by successive stages of processing tobacco leaves.