Republic of cuba reviews
Romantic trip

They thought and reflected for a long time, but nevertheless preferred Cuba and our honeymoon passed there. Very pleasant and tender memories were left about the time spent. The rest lasted 21 days, so I managed to visit a lot of things and a lot of places to visit.

I really wanted to go to Cuba. Firstly, I have never been there, and secondly, since Cuba has embarked on the path of economic development, it will soon lose the charm and color for which everyone is striving to get back into the past by time machine.

March in Havana

Rested in Cuba for 18 days. Given that beach vacations and “all inclusive” are not very interesting for me, I went without a ticket, we can say “wild”. The purpose of the trip was the closest contact with Cuban folk life, although I did not ignore the beaches.

Galloping across Cuba :)

Having been in the Dominican Republic in 2010, this time I again wanted to go to the Caribbean. We leave for the grandmother of the children, we ride together with my wife. Options Mexico and Cuba. As a man born in the USSR, brought up in the spirit: Glory to work!

All is well, Fidel!

All is well, Fidel! Travel time April 3-20, 2012. Temperature during the day 30-32, at night 22-23. Route: Havana 5 days, flight to the island of Cayo Largo 6 nights, flight to Varadero – 6 nights.

Cuba is a magnificent country …

Cuba is a magnificent country … Apparently, nostalgia was overwhelmed, or a sense of some kind of incompleteness of the impressions of Cuban travels, so I decided to take up a feather. Cuba was struck: nature – a riot of colors, a variety of shades, which I can not describe.

Cuba Travel Reviews

Cayo Blanco Island in Cuba The island itself left a good impression. Small white sand, empty beaches, entertaining plants. Even more enjoyable was a seafood lunch, I liked the lobsters very much, I think!


Review: my parents flew to Cuba at the end of November 2011. Aeroflot tickets (business class fare tourist !! what later regretted when booking, but if only you know) the week in Havana went according to plan – the Havana Libre hotel and skiing in the vicinity of Havana.

Cuba and Havana

Much has been said about Cuba, everyone finds his own there: colonial architecture and nature, rum and cheerful Latin music. For me, Cuba is, first of all, people. Cubans are open and sociable, funny and direct, it seems to me that over the past twenty years we have lost these qualities.