Cuba on the map

Cuba – how many thoughts about this island, country, and a simple paradise of our beautiful world! This island is located in the Caribbean, probably there is no person on earth who at least once did not dream of visiting Cuba ?! The shores are strewn with sand crystals, and the water beckons with its mirror-like beauty, reefs from various corals are also incomparable; fishermen will enjoy the shallows where you can spend time fishing with pleasure. Flora and fauna are unique here.

Map of Cuba in Russian interactive online

The island is located in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, and because of this location it was called the “Gateway to the New World.” The neighbors of the Cuban population are the inhabitants of the island of Hispaniola, Dominicans and Haitians, it is located 77 kilometers to the east. The Bahamas are also located nearby, 140 kilometers to the northwest. Jamaica is located south at 146 kilometers, and the US giants are 180 kilometers to the north and Mexico is 210 kilometers to the west.

Cuba is one of the many islands of the so-called Cuban archipelago, there are about 1600 of them, with an area of ​​110,992 square kilometers, the leader in size is the island of Cuba with a length of 105,000 square kilometers. The size of the island is 1250 kilometers in length and up to 210 kilometers in width. This wonderful island has 290 beaches with its charm and attractiveness. probably every Cuba evokes pleasant associations and this is natural, expensive cigars, exotic women, palm trees, the sun, sand, all this is in abundance in Cuba. Cuba is an island of pleasure !!!

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