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– Didgeridoo, an Aboriginal Australian wind musical instrument. Ethnic music (ethnics, ethno) is the closest analogue of the English term English. world music (music of the peoples of the world, music of the world). This is primarily folk music of various cultures of the world … Wikipedia

– “Tales of the Revolution.” Director T. Gutierrez Alea. 1960. Cuban cinematography. The first screening of the film in Cuba was held in January 1897 by the Mexican G. Weir, representing the Lumiere brothers. He also created the first Cuban chronicle “Extinguishing a fire”, … … Cinema: Encyclopedic Dictionary

– Muses. Lat culture. America has historically formed on the basis of American (Native American), European (primarily Spanish and Portuguese) and African sources. The meaning and impact of each of them manifested themselves in different ways in … … Musical Encyclopedia

– This article does not have enough links to information sources. Information must be verifiable, otherwise it may be called into question and deleted. You can … Wikipedia

– The Jesuit Ensemble. Cuba. Science and culture. Music The musical culture of Latin America was formed on the basis of American (Native American), European and African music. These three genetic roots are clearly visible in modern folk … … Latin America Encyclopedic Directory

– Cuba (Cuba), Republic of Cuba (Rep├║blica de Cuba). I. General Information The Republic of Cuba is located on the islands of Cuba (104 thousand km2), Pinos (2, 2 thousand km2) and more than 1600 small islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and … … Great Soviet Encyclopedia

– I Cuba (Kuba) (pseudonym – real name and surname Kurt Bartel, Bartel) (6/6/1914, Garsdorf, Frankfurt am Main), German poet and writer (GDR). He was a member of the SED Central Committee (since 1954). Born in a working class family. In 1933, 46 lived in exile … Great Soviet Encyclopedia