Havana streets, Cuba

Havana, the capital of Cuba, seems surprisingly familiar to many residents of the former Soviet republics. A very beautiful date is approaching – the centennial of the city’s formation, so today preparations are already in full swing for the celebration. And the whole planet knows that Cubans know how to have fun.

Havana – nearby beaches

It is interesting that the residents of Havana themselves prefer to relax on the beach of Bakuranao, but there are few foreign tourists there. The main contingent of this place is divers, since there is a very beautiful underwater kingdom. And the first object of attention of researchers of the depths is a sunken ship. There are diving centers on other beaches located near the capital.

Each of the Havana beaches has its own zest, on one of them the fun does not end day or night, the others, for example, El Megano Beach, allows you to spend time alone with quiet ocean waves or relax in a cozy restaurant.

The main attractions of Havana

The city has preserved many beautiful old streets, squares, architectural monuments of the past. The first trip around the city can begin with exploring the squares, they have very beautiful names – Plaza de Armas (Armory), Plaza Vieja (Old) or Plaza de la Catedral, it is clear without translation that this is Cathedral Square.

Instead of an independent study of the capital of Cuba, you can order one of the popular tourist excursions, including:

Sightseeing, including visiting the most interesting places in Havana, a trip to the Vinales Valley, participation in the “Cannon Shot Ceremony,” a walk through the places associated with the great Hemingway.

Another interesting point on the route can be the observation deck, which is located on top of the obelisk tower, erected in honor of the heroes of the Cuban revolution and their leader Jose Marti. The obelisk is located on the Revolution Square, there is also a memorial complex. Cubans cherish objects related to the life of Marty, whom they call the “Apostle of the Revolution.”

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