Peter II and Cesarevna Elizabeth on a dog hunt

The artist is Serov

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Valentin Serov, recognized head of the new Russian school, who gave his talent to the Diaghilev “case” was presented in the Paris salon 19 works. Diaghilev placed Serov portraits in the hall next to the works of Kramsky, Repin and Levitan.

The full name of the picture “Emperor Peter II with Cesarevna Elizabeth Petrovna leaves from C. Izmailova in the fall on the dog hunting “.

The historical paintings of Serov are extremely convincing in their vitality. You clearly feel the run of horses and greyhounds, rushing past standing travelers. It seems to fly underfoot, the earth is rushing. Behind, far from the church, where the tail of the cavalcades was visible, frightened birds shot up, the world of a seedy Russian village, to which Serov removes the whole background, was worried. Before us is usually a Russian extra -historical landscape with deep -circuit and high sky.

This is the most myris -articular of all the works of Serov. The proximity to Benois and Somov manifested itself both in the interpretation of the image of the future “cheerful queen”, and in great interest in the details of the costume, in the general style of the image. But the era is revealed here in a serial, much deeper and socially more pointed. It is revealed not only by the character of characters and actions, but to a large extent by contrasting comparison of them with the surrounding landscape. The brilliant cavalcade of the horsemen in foreign uniforms, jumping across the Russian village with huts that have grown into the ground, dilapidated sheds with naked roofs, lonely grazing the horse, is perceived as something artificial, foreign.

“Serov … created in his tiny picture: Elizabeth and Peter II on hunting – such a pearl, such a subtle illustration of the 18th century in Russia – wrote Benoit – one autumn purely Russian landscape with a kurguz, in a blue stained church, against which they jump along the slush brightly -Red uniforms of hunters, causes us a vivid idea of ​​all this amazing era, of all this still purely Russian, in Europeanly disguised warehouse of the soul. “.

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Full name of the picture: „Emperor Peter II and Cesarevna Elizaveta Petrovna leave the village of Izmailov in the fall to Dog hunting “.

Work conceived as an illustration for the book n. And. Kutepova „Tsarist and imperial hunting “, thanks to high artistic qualities, gained the value of the easel work, reflecting the new, characteristic of the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries, understanding the historical picture, which, together with Serov, was shared by his colleagues – myris concessors. Like his idol – Adolf Menzel, important events of the past, they preferred poetically recreated everyday life, conveying the aroma of a distant era. The appeal to history served them as an occasion for reflection on modernity, about the historical destinies of Russia. Placing two Russia-aristocratic, keeping in the leg with Europe, and peasant, asian dark and powerless, the artist reveals the origins of insurmountable contradictions in Russian life. The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 228.

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Important events of the past Serov and Miriskniks preferred poetically recreated everyday life „gallant “XVIII century, in the future seemed lost „Golden Age “. Serov appeal to history has always served as a reason for reflection on the fate of Russia. It is no accident that the brilliant cavalcade of the fourteen -year -old Emperor Peter II and his aunt Elizabeth Petrovna, the daughter of Peter the Great, is depicted by him against the background of the village with rickety huts, in comparison with the figures of the poor wanderers.

Complete dynamics, severity and piquancy The picture is a wonderful example of the picturesque maestria Serov. An important role in the formation of an artistic image is played by an image of an autumn rural landscape painted with a lyrical feeling. Vladimir Kruglov // Diaghilev and his era. SPb, 2001. With. 105.

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