Peter I on PSU hunting

The artist is Serov

The illustration is made for the book "Tsarist and imperial hunting in Rus’. The end of the XVII – XVIII century. Historical essay n. Kutepova"
The full name of the picture "Tsar Peter I with Prince Romodanovsky, Lefort, Ivan Buturlin and Zotov near the village of Kolomensky on a dog hunting, arranged by the boyars". In the composition, marked by the beauty of plastic solutions and acute contrasts of the form, Serov masterfully recreated the color of the old (XVIII century) hunting in Rus’, ominating the endless snowy spaces under the pale, northern sky, filled with a homon of birds, a clatter of hooves, a silent flight of greyhounds. The picture plays dramatic for the fate of the country of conflict. The focus of the author of the relationship between two generations is Russian people: old, noble, inevitably remaining in "past" the boyar aristocracy and the new, rootless, vital, believed in Peter.

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