In winter

The artist is Serov

The best landscapes of Serov are written in the pre -Porotkanov, the Tver este of his friends. In pastel „In winter, “Smooth horizontal plans, the muffled gamut of silver-fried tones and the very calm manner of colorful masonry convey the quiet poetry of the dim open open spaces, the peaceful and cheerful mood of a gray day. It is strengthened by the full heat and lyricism by the motive of energetically leaving due to the turn of the sled with a simple „shaggy “horse. The landscape is a wonderful example of Serov’s virtuoso skill – in how artistically easily conveyed the movement of sledges and the flickering of the nuances of gray in painting of the wood of the barn and forests in the distance, how snowdrifts are written in the field and trampled snow on the road.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 242.

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