Where to relax in Cuba

October is the last month of the rainy season. Despite this, there is a risk of rainfall. It is important to be prepared for the fact that rains occur every two to three days and sometimes they are accompanied by thunder and lightning. Showers in Cuba in October begin suddenly, so it is impossible to predict the weather. At the same time, the danger of serious disasters is not serious, so a trip can give a pleasant experience. Bear in mind that the storms are inherent in Cayo Largo and Pinot del Rio.

The temperature regime is changing rapidly. There is no terrible heat, so weather conditions become comfortable for many people. At lunchtime in early October it can be + 30 … + 33C, and in the second half – + 28 … + 30C. If you like the cool, you need to give preference to the resorts of the north coast, namely Varadero or Havana. In cities located on the Caribbean, it will be a couple of degrees warmer. In the evening, when the air temperature is + 21 … + 23C, you can relax from the heat of the day.

Holidays and festivals in Cuba in October

Rest in Cuba in October allows you to enjoy a rich, interesting cultural leisure.

On the tenth day, it is customary to celebrate the anniversary of the start of the war of independence, called the Grito de Yara. In many cities you can hear solemn music and see fireworks. Each music lover should visit Havana, where the International Festival of Modern Music is held. Festival Internacional de La Habana de Musica Contemporanea is attended by composers, producers, music critics, artists and virtuosos from around the world, not just from Cuba. The event allows you to appreciate the variety of music and understand the beauty of Cuban motifs. In some years, October is Guitar Fiest, the scale of which is international. In Matanzas, the Rumba Festival is held. At the end of October, the capital hosts the Ballet Festival, which is one of the largest events. Participants come from different countries of the world, among which are the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy.

October is a month that allows you to enjoy your vacation in Cuba and at the same time achieve significant savings. Take the opportunity to relax in Cuba at affordable prices!

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