Havana Varadero Tours

Magic tours to the most popular and famous Cuban resort of Varadero can be compared to a visit to paradise. It is located on the Ikakos Peninsula, in the northern part of Liberty Island, in the province of Matanzas. The active development of Varadero as a resort area of ​​international level began in the 1930s, although it has been known as a resort since 1872.

Today, vacation in Varadero is a tropical pristine nature, more than 20 kilometers of Atlantic white beaches, one of the three cleanest in the world, amazing landscapes. The resort is known for its wonderful infrastructure, including:

• an abundance of diving centers competing in popularity with the “coolest” world gathering places for lovers of underwater travel (special tours for true divers are organized here) – • centers for sailing, deep-sea exciting fishing, parasailing and windsurfing- • many musical cabarets and entertaining clubs that hospitably open their doors to lovers of night comfort- • sports grounds- • high-class restaurants and chic hotels, vacations in which, as a rule, take place according to the All Inclusive system (poppy imum of tourist services at a minimal cost).

The uniqueness of tours to Varadero lies in the fact that the resort provides an opportunity to relax on the sea, wander around the local parks and interesting museums. Then visit souvenir markets and inexpensive shopping galleries to rush into the maelstrom of fun and adventure at local nightlife with the onset of the evening.

The town is recognized as the most famous and sought after by lovers of bright emotions resort of the entire Western Hemisphere. How not to buy a tour to this oasis of eternal happiness and tropical warmth, caressing the body and charging a positive soul.

Sights of VaraderoTo hope for a rich cultural program in the city, tourists should not. Varadero is, above all, a resort where people go on a beach holiday and for “loud” entertainment in clubs and discos. Nevertheless, lovers of antiquity have something to see here.