to tourism in Cuba

Cuban authorities are ready to cut prices to attract tourist flow from Russia to Liberty Island. This was stated by Advisor to the Embassy of Cuba in Russia, Edilberto Riveron Leon. According to him, the tourist flow from Russia to Cuba in 2015 fell by 37%.

In 2015, more than 43 thousand Russian tourists visited Cuba. Compared with 2014, the tourist flow from Russia fell by 37%. This was announced on Thursday, February 25, during a round table on tourism in the State Duma, Advisor to the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Russia Edilberto Riveron Leon.

“In 2015, 43.4 thousand Russians visited Cuba, which is 37.4% less than in 2014, when 69.2 thousand Russian tourists visited the Republic,” Interfax quoted the Cuban diplomat as saying.

Among the main reasons that influenced the decrease in tourist flow from Russia to Cuba, he named the fluctuations in exchange rates, the fall in demand among Russians for holidays abroad, as well as the high cost of air travel.

Leon said that the Cuban authorities have sufficient opportunities to reduce prices for Russian tourists and provide access to rest in Cuba for Russians.

“Cuba is ready to cooperate with the Russian side to make our direction more accessible for Russians. We have reserves for lowering prices. We are ready to expand the promotion of our tourism product in Russia. So, in March a new advertising campaign will start on a number of Russian TV channels,” concluded the Cuban diplomat.

Earlier it was reported that the Cuban authorities intend to reduce the cost of air travel for the Russians in order to increase the tourist flow to Liberty Island. According to the Cuban ambassador to Russia Emilio Lozada Garcia, amid fluctuations in the exchange rate, the price of air tickets in the region of 1, 2-1, 3 thousand euros is a serious obstacle to attracting Russian tourists.

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