1. Sunbathing on the beach

Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba ended extremely awkwardly and even shamefully, such an opinion is published by Russian Spring.

The portal makes this conclusion based on the video of a joint press conference of the American president and Raul Castro. Attention “RV” attracted the moment of farewell of politicians.

They shook hands, but Castro did not allow Obama to hug himself. He preferred to keep the American leader at bay. And then he completely took him by the wrist of his left hand and lifted it above his head, according to RV, as a trophy.

The US president was clearly embarrassed, for several seconds he smiled shyly, while his left hand hung in the air.

According to the portal, it is unclear whether Raul Castro was going to consciously dishonor Barack Obama to the whole world or spontaneously reacted to the upcoming hugs with the American leader. “One way or another, the historical moment has turned into a moment of awkwardness and shame on the president of America,” writes RV.

Barack Obama flew to Cuba on March 21. He became the first US president to visit Liberty Island in 90 years. However, Raul Castro did not come to meet him at the plane.