Postage stamps Cuba

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Social and investment value of Cuba stamp collecting

Cuba stamps with Correos inscription appeared for the first time in 1855 – they were joint series issued with Puerto Rico in April under the name “Antillean”. First, on all standard signs of payment, a portrait of Isabella II flaunted. In addition, all Cuba brands had the following inscriptions:

Correos (mail) Ultramar (overseas possessions) Plata (silver).

Since then, many episodes with a variety of payment signs have been released, which today are of interest to philatelists (for example, the Cuba-1970 brand or the Cuba-1972 stamp). After all, these are peculiar monuments of certain moments of history: they clearly and vividly reflect the events experienced by the country and the level of its development. Collecting Cuban postal miniatures has gained social significance – this is a wonderful vacation when a person is distracted from everyday affairs and switches to another way of creative generalization and systematization of collected copies. Of course, the pearl of any meeting will be the brand “Cuba. Correos ”, the price of which is high and growing every year. Dear Cuba brands that take philately out of a regular hobby to a more significant level – make it a great way to invest.