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It’s easy to live well in Cuba, you just need to know how to do it. This article is the result of my impressions of 2 years lived in Havana.

There is only one word that can describe everything that is happening in Cuba today – “wait.” In Cuba, everyone is waiting for something. Cubans are waiting for a passing car to get to work, waiting for grocery cards to be available, waiting in numerous lines at shops, hospitals and government services, leading workers waiting for them to be given the right to buy a car, the most active Cubans waiting for them to be given the right leave the country, of course, everyone is waiting for the end of the working day, so that you can go out and start waiting for a ride, which will stop and throw you home. Everyone is waiting for at least some changes.

A year ago, I turned to the US Embassy in Havana (there it is called the US Interests Mission) with a request to extend my American visa – I was offered to wait 1 year and 8 months in order to come for an interview with the consul – he had all the days before.

Cuba is the most popular and largest island in the Caribbean. Because of its beauty, Cuba is often called the “Caribbean Pearl”, it boasts hundreds of kilometers of stunning landscapes, majestic mountains, impressive landscapes and magnificent cities. There are more than 300 pristine beaches, bays and bays, surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea – all this has always been the main advantages of the island.

People in Cuba are cordial, hospitable, love fun, have a good sense of humor, they know how to enjoy life and often get together to sing and dance. Cubans are extremely kind and kind people. They are friendly, helpful and always ready to help. Often this is perceived as a desire to earn a tip, but in most cases it is not.

In Cuba, there is a unique “two-tier” currency system. For Cubans in the country, some prices, for foreigners – others. The same services in Cuba are different for Cubans and foreigners. If you are a foreigner, then all services for you are 24 times more expensive than for Cubans. Of course, if you are not a tourist, but live in Cuba constantly, you will learn how to get around this system, but only where it is possible.