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The authorities of Liberty Island allowed to issue annual visas to citizens of other states renting or buying property in the country

Almost every second Ukrainian, according to a survey by Research Branding Group, dreams of moving abroad. Those who want to emigrate have different goals and plans, but they are all united by the desire to live better. Undoubtedly, a better life is more pleasant and more correct to build in the homeland. But for those who nevertheless decided on this difficult step, FACTS publishes a series of materials on ways to leave, find themselves and cope with the difficulties of life in a foreign country.

Recently, a law has been enacted in Cuba that encourages foreigners to invest in the state’s economy. The document, among other things, provides that a citizen of another country, renting or owning real estate in Cuba, may apply for an annual visa with the subsequent extension of its validity. This right applies to the relatives of the property owner.

Foreigners plan to offer housing located in specially created luxury resort areas, designed for golfers and yachts. To complete the transaction, the buyer must obtain permission from the project manager and from the Ministry of Tourism.

Citizens of other countries who have bought real estate in Cuba and received an annual visa are entitled to do tourism or any other business. True, a residence permit can be canceled if a foreigner refused to rent or sold housing, was outside the island for more than a year, or violated Cuban laws.

“In Cuba, there are two categories of foreigners: permanently residing in the country and coming for a while,” said former Kiev resident Olga. Thirty years ago, she married a Cuban and moved to Liberty Island. – Temporary residents are mainly businessmen and business travelers. They pay for everything – housing, utilities, car rental, medical care – in currency or in convertible Cuban pesos (CUC), which officially cost about 0, 8 euros (one euro in Cuba is changed for 1, 3 CUC). Renting a square meter of housing costs them about five cookies.

And foreigners who live here permanently are paid everywhere with national Cuban pesos (1 CUC costs 25 pesos), medical services and education are free for them, in addition, they receive all the social benefits relying on Cubans. For example, we pay about 3 CUC per month for our small apartment: rent – 50 cents, water – 30 cents, light – two cookies. Mobile communications are expensive – 35 cents per minute, SMS messages – nine cents. A landline telephone is also not cheap – 7-8 CUC per month. But this is due to the fact that we are going through it to the World Wide Web. By the way, only foreigners can connect the home Internet.

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