Cuba: Last Minute Hotels in Cuba
Useful information about holidays in Cuba

One of the great places to spend a vacation is Cuba. Holidays in this country will give many unforgettable experiences. Important information about the country will help you navigate the variety of opportunities that open up for tourists during their holidays in Cuba.

The duration of a flight from Moscow to Havana is approximately 12.5 hours. The flight time from Moscow to Varadero is about 12 hours.

The monetary unit of Cuba is Cuban pesos. You can exchange money brought with you for pesos at banks or exchange offices. For this, the tourist will need to present a passport. It is possible to exchange for the reception of the hotel, where the tourist stayed during his vacation in Cuba, but in this case the course will be less profitable. In the resort areas of Cuba, most shops are open from 10 to 20 hours with a break for a siesta.

Tipping in Cuba is considered a sign of good taste in case you like the service. Encouraging tiping is made by waiters in cafes and restaurants, maids, porters, drivers and guides. The size of the tip remains at the discretion of the person who gives them.

During a vacation in Cuba, you should take care of your skin – the sun on the island is very active, creams with a high degree of protection are recommended.

Visa for a vacation in Cuba

In order to go on a tourist trip to Cuba lasting up to 30 days, a Russian citizen does not need to apply for a visa.

Climate of Cuba

In Cuba, two climatic seasons are conditionally distinguished. From November to April, the island has a dry period. From May to October, rains dominate in Cuba.

The best time to relax in Cuba is the time from November to April. You should not go to Cuba for a vacation in September and October, when there are long rains on the island.