The average annual temperature in

March will give tourists the best impressions of Cuba and convince them of the correct choice of ticket.

The scorching sun, fascinating hikes and constant holidays in the first spring month will bring true pleasure to vacationers. Guides provide tourists with many options for excursions to the most memorable places. And the locals will certainly be glad to new and old guests, will meet them with a smile, open arms and good-natured glances. The hospitality of Cuba has almost become its hallmark.

Rest on the beaches of the island, water and air baths, diving and fishing activity – this is the whirlpool of impressions that you have to plunge into Cuba. Diving is especially popular here, in addition, the ecosystem is very well preserved. Also unique memories will give tobacco plantations, a museum of natural sciences and secluded beaches.

In March there are many last-minute offers for a trip to Cuba.

Weather at this time of the year will not cause problems with acclimatization. March usually greets tourists with a comfortable temperature, acceptable for any active or passive entertainment. The water temperature is +26 degrees, and the air temperature is +27 during the day and +17 – +20 at night.