Little Tete had four brothers and sisters, and her parents did everything to grow them worthy people. Ernesto himself and all his brothers and sisters received higher education.

The father of the future revolutionary was sympathetic to the left forces, and communicated a lot with the Republican Spaniards living in Argentina, who left their homeland after the defeat in the civil war with the Francoists. Ernesto heard conversations of Spanish emigrants with his father, and his future political views began to take shape even then.

Not everyone knows, but the fiery revolutionary Che Guevara suffered a serious chronic illness all his life – bronchial asthma, which is why he always had to carry an inhaler with him.

But Ernesto had a strong character since childhood – despite his illness, he was involved in football, rugby, equestrian sports and other types. And Che Guevara in his youth loved to read, fortunately, his parents had an extensive library. Ernesto began with adventures, then reading became more and more serious – the classic of world literature, the works of philosophers and politicians, including Marx, Engels, Lenin, Kropotkin, Bakunin.