The elders converge

The artist is Roerich

The sketch of the same name 1898, located in one of the art museums of San Francisco, USA.

Work belongs to the early period of the artist’s work. An illustration of the sketch can be the statement of the Russian poet, art critic, publisher Sergei Makovsky, published in 1907 in the journal "The Golden Fleece": "The images of Roerich attract us into the most distant gave the faceless past, deep into prehistoric being, to the origins of fate". "Man" Roerich is an ancient man, a primitive barbarian of the land of the Stone Age. Old mounds on the site of the birth estate "Izvar" Formed artistic sensations "Son of the North", gave a very special shade to his searches of primitive forms, manifested in the very manner of writing. The stone north in his painting is the severity, gloomy power, a non -brief flavor, reflecting the trends of the fairy tale that bewitched his soul.

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