“What a scope!””

The artist is Repin

Repin assured that the reason for creating the work was only a direct life impression obtained in Kuokkal on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. An already middle -aged painter is proud that he managed to convey the delight of young people watching the game of waves breaking the first ice floes. He calls his canvas “an incredible, fantastic picture”. In it is a sensation by an artist of impending changes. And this is the same 1903, when Repin, together with the students, completed the “meeting of the State Council” (1903, timing) – brilliant in painting, a solemn ode of the outgoing political elite.

However, this unusual work of the famous realist artist, written in a state of romantic elation, gave rise to a lot of diverse. Contemporaries saw in the images of boys and girls, striking elements, a kind of allegory. Repin himself, describing the reaction of the public to her, involuntarily reveals the metaphor of his plan. Spectators, he reports, see in the picture that “there is an allegory here. And they are scolded for this allegory, then condemned, then despised … “. The result was a critic in dispensing opinions in. AT. Stasov, who saw “Russian youth, who did not lose the courage, hopes and joyful hope among the troubles who have overcome it”.

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