The wedding of Nicholas II and Grand Duchess Alexandra Fedorovna

The artist is Repin

The last Russian emperor Nicholas II (1868–1918), the eighteenth of the Romanov dynasty, was the son of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Fedorovna, nee Danish Princess Dagmara. In 1892, in his diary, the future monarch of all Rus’ wrote: “I dream of someday marry Alix (as he called the princess). I love her for a long time, but especially deeply and strongly since 1889, when she spent 6 weeks in St. Petersburg. All this time I did not believe my feeling, did not believe that my cherished dream could come true…””. Despite the long resistance of the parents, on April 8, the engagement took place (the day that they later celebrated annually).

The marriage of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II was not remembered by the luxury of this wedding, but because the wedding was overlapped with the funeral. October 20, 1894. Emperor Alexander III died, his funeral in the Peter and Paul Cathedral took place on November 7. A one -year mourning was declared by tradition, while the wedding was postponed for a year. However, at the initiative of Alice, it was decided to interrupt the mourning for one day.

The wedding ceremony took place on November 14/27, 1894 (the birthday of Empress Maria Fedorovna) in the Church of the Winter Palace. By that time, Alice had already accepted Orthodoxy and was called Alexandra Fedorovna. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the royal surname, foreign diplomats, members of the Holy Synod and the State Council. Next to Alexandra Fedorovna, the younger brother of the king Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich (1878–1918) is depicted, in favor of which he later renounced. To the right of Nicholas II, at the column – the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna (1847–1928). This ceremony took place shortly after the departure of Emperor Alexander III, who was against the marital choice of his son and blessed the young only shortly before death. The Mirrosterer Tsar seemed to foresee the fatal fate of this union.

Alexandra Fedorovna wrote to her sister Victoria: “The ceremony in the church very much reminded me of the one that took place in 1884, only our fathers were not at ours – and it was just terrible – neither my father’s kiss, nor blessings. … You can imagine our feelings for yourself. One day in deep mourning, we mourn the beloved person warmly, and the next day we get up in lush clothes under the crown. It is impossible to imagine a greater contrast, and all these circumstances brought us closer even more “. That night, Alix wrote in Nikolai’s diary: “When this life ends, we will meet again in another world and stay together forever…””. Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna carried their feelings through his whole life, as evidenced by their diary entries and letters.

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