Portrait a. G. Rubinstein

The artist is Repin

Through his whole life, Repin has carried a deep love of music. Vivid impressions of frequent meetings with the best composers and musical figures were directly reflected in many of its portraits.
Among them is one of the most dynamic in composition – a portrait of Anton Grigoryevich Rubinstein, an outstanding pianist, composer, founder and director of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, who concerts in Western Europe and the United States.
„An interesting head, looks like a lion, ”Repin wrote about him in. AT. Stasov, well -known artistic musical criticism, with whom the artist listened to concerts under Rubinstein many times.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 182.

Rubinstein Anton Grigoryevich (1829-1894), Russian composer, pianist and conductor. Concerts a lot abroad. In the winter of 1849, thanks to the patronage of the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna (mistress of the Mikhailovsky Palace), settled in St. Petersburg. He was engaged in conducting and composition, acted as a pianist at court, having great success with the members of the imperial family and personally with Emperor Nicholas I.

In 1854, Rubinstein takes a new concert trip to Europe, having a huge success, in the winter 1856-1857 spends in Nice, where he has thoughts about the development of musical education in Russia. Returning to St. Petersburg, again, with the support of Elena Pavlovna, in 1859 achieves the institution of the Russian Musical Society, in the concerts of which he himself acts as a conductor. Soon, music classes were opened under the company, in 1862, turned into the first Russian conservatory. Rubinstein became its first director and professor in the piano class. The author of the operas Dmitry Donskoy, Revenge (Haji Abrek), Siberian Hunters, Fomka-Durachki, Demon, Concerts, Romances.

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