Portrait a. D. Zinoviev

The artist is Repin

Alexander Dmitrievich Zinoviev (1854–1932) graduated from the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University, was an officer of the Life Guards of the Horse Regiment, the St. Petersburg provincial leader of the nobility (after 1895). From 1903 to 1907 – St. Petersburg governor who was very popular. In 1909 he was appointed member of the State Council. The portrait was executed by order of the St. Petersburg noble deputy meeting, in the premises of which was until 1917. The light pouring from the side is unusually reviving the portrait, far from any representativeness and external effects, often distinguished by this kind of official, custom-made work of other artists. A work created shortly after the end of the picture "Meeting of the State Council", written in the same free, wide manner.

A sketch to the picture "Solemn meeting of the State Council on May 7, 1901, on the day of the centenary from the date of its institution"(1903).

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