“Follow me, Satano”

The artist is Repin

The picture of the religious content “Go behind me, Satano” (1901–1903, was in the Kharkov Art Museum) died during the Great Patriotic War. You can get an idea of ​​it thanks to the sketches of the same name in the Russian Museum of the same name (?) and 1895 (?) years.

Against the backdrop of an irreal landscape with a blood-yellow sunset and steaming earth, a devilish image arises, taking the appearance of an archangel with a hot sword, a dragon, women, birds. The figure of Christ stands steadily steadily stubbornly. The sensation of mystical vision is enhanced by the extraordinary expression of the visual language. The originality of the technique of painting and the symbolist interpretation of the theme of temptation in the sketches of the 1890s anticipated the artistic techniques of Repin and its contemporaries of the early XX century. In these works, perhaps, for the first time, the artist expressed the drama of the internal struggle in search of truth and defending high moral ideals so openly.

At the end of life, such searches again lead Repin to the creation of paintings on the gospel plots, which, according to the painter, “overwhelmed” him. The suffering of Christ was understood by the elderly master as the highest example of a person’s spiritual feat.

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