The release of Christ with the disciples to the Gethsemane Garden

The artist is Ge

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He refused without confrontation,

As from things received,

From omnipotence and miracles,

And now it was like mortals, as we.

These lines of the poem “The Gethsemane Garden” by Boris Pasternak, in thought and emotionality, are so close to the picture of Nicholas Ge “The way of Christ with the disciples to the Gethsemane Garden”, which can be perceived as a kind of poetic epigraph to her. And although the canvas is not a direct illustration of the prayer for the bowl, it is clearly associated with this gospel narrative.

The darkness of southern night sank to Earth. In the strip of lunar light, the house, where the meal of Christ had just turned with the disciples, on which he told them about the approach of the hour of the performance of the destined, why he came to the ground. And now the apostles, aggravated by mournful thoughts, leave, sadly slowly, as if dissolving in the darkness of the night. And although the youngest of them John still lingered near the teacher, Christ will not take it anymore.

The Son of God is one, rejected by the world that he came to save. The impression of the loneliness of Christ in the picture is enhanced by the homeless deserted landscape and a dead flicker of the moon. As if life stopped, nature froze in an alarming foreboding.

Gers depicts the Savior in the last hours of his earthly being, when he, with his earthly nature, as a mortal person realized, really felt all the horror of the torturing to him: mockery of the disturbing crowd and execution, the most painful and most shameful. And he is pierced by burning longing. Turning his gaze into the sky, to the Father of Heaven, he all goes into a prayer, which seems to be petrified, in a passionate impulse of a prayer present. Looking at the picture, the gospel words pronounced by Christ himself involuntarily arise in memory: “The soul grieves deadly”.

Gero manages to convey the atmosphere of the tragedy, expressing his plan about the depth of suffering of the Savior and the greatness, love and sacrifice made for the sake of salvation of humanity from eternal death.

The picture was presented at a 17 mobile exhibition and attracted the audience with unusual, novelty of a figurative solution, uncharacteristic for artists of this association.

The artist Nikolai Yaroshenko informed Ge: “A lot of people liked your picture, and has numerous fans among people who do not seek in the art of satisfying only a gastronomic taste, and I think that only the opinion of these can be valuable for the artist”.

This picture was the foresight of those new searches in painting that will become characteristic of Russian art of the late XIX – early XX centuries.

E.AT.Amphilokhiev, e.AT.Stankevich and N.AND.Fedorova. Materials for a virtual tour of the exhibition "Diaghilev. Start". 2009

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Gospel plot painting. After spending the last night with the disciples, Christ went to the Gethsemane Garden to pray (the famous prayer for a bowl). But Judas, deciding to betray Christ, came there with priests and warriors.

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